Heart of Wisdom Center For Healing - Convergence Reiki Therapy and Self Healing Workshops
 Wholistic Counseling


During Your Session 
We Won't Just Talk About Things

   Private and, or, Group Skills Instruction, Ongoing Support Groups, 
   Bio-Energy Bodywork, and the use of BioFeedback tools are used to 
   facilitate physical and psychological rejuvenation, personal transformation, 
   and the development of skills that will serve you throughout the rest of your life.

    I work with people as young as 5 years old

    Bodywork therapies such as PolarityReiki and Convergence can be included,
    at no additional cost, during your sessions to provide physical balance     
    and alignment that will improve your health and psychological well being right 
    away. My clients tell me that this brings them a sense of comfort and clarity, 
    happiness, creativity and emotional adaptability while they are in the transitions 
    of healing and growing.   

   I also utilize PolarityReiki and Convergence Bio Energy therapies during sessions    as a framework to teach you many of the skills of focusing and directing your own      attention and bio-energies in a way that you personally will be applying      
   them to improve physical health, mental clarity and attentive focus, relaxation.

   You will discover that the skills that you learn and practice during your      
   sessions, are scientifically measurable and can be validated using state of the art 
    bio-feedback devices. 
   I can use bio-feedback tools to  navigate getting your mind into "the zone"                  of physical and psychological self healing, and real down to earth development            of healthy routines and modalities of self expression.

Sliding Scale Fee: $50-$100  for 1.5 hr session

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P.S. This site is a work in progress. Blogs, Pictures, and free instruction on our 
You Tube Channel coming soon! Also if you find an unfinished page, and you 
are curious contact me by e-mail and we can chat! HeartOfWisdomCenterForHealing@charter.net
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