Heart of Wisdom Center For Healing - Convergence Reiki Therapy and Self Healing Workshops

Wellness Treatments Offered at Heart of Wisdom Center for Healing

Bio-Energy Therapy 
Convergence™,Polarity, Reiki

Sliding Scale for  a 
1-hour Appointment is $45 -$65

Environmental Attunements 
for Health and Allergies

Sliding Scale for a 
1-hour Appointment is $60 - $80


Wellness Treatments are intended to complement  other methods of improving and maintaining your heath and well-being, including traditional western medical practices, never to be a substitute for them. I maintain affordable pricing and a sliding scale so to accomodate your exploring whether these health options are suited for you. Free half 
hour consultations are available for you and I to meet and discuss your needs and concerns.

All Wellness Treatments offerred at Our Center are based on the scientific principles of interacting electromagnetic fields of the physical body, and the electromagnetic fields of your consciousness (mental, emotional and spiritual states). 

Contact me if you have any questions or to schedule a treatment or a consultation appointment.    HeartOfWisdomCenterForHealing@charter.net

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