Heart of Wisdom Center For Healing - Convergence Reiki Therapy and Self Healing Workshops

Coming Soon! Couples Intimacy 
and Spiritual Sexuality Workshops

Don't let the topic "scare you off." These classes are for couples who desire to enhance their erotic heart connection with their life mate.(translation: uninhibited sexual attraction that comes from your heart and soul) Classes are really wonderful guided experiences that do not cross healthy sexual or privacy boundaries, yet still guide you and your mate to develop wonderful skills and awarenesses that will,  guaranteed, take your relationship to new heights where your hearts and bodies truly sing together.

The full program begins with taking a couples based Reiki course to initiate your inner senses and physical awareness and build new healthy emotional bridges.

This workshop is also a very romantic couples experience. 

Once this workshop is taken, you will have the option of taking different series of workshops that focus on exploring other areas of developing your sensual and erotic experiences together.

I will also be offering the course as a video e-book for couples who chose to explore on their own. However, I do recommend the workshops as they are truly a wonderful guided experience, that as I have mentioned, maintain healthy sexual and privacy boundaries.

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