Heart of Wisdom Center For Healing - Convergence Reiki Therapy and Self Healing Workshops

 Convergence Reiki
Integrating Body •Mind • Spirit

Like yoga, Reiki vitalizes the body, mind and spirit. The practice of Reiki, however does not require body postures. It is easy and feels great. Convergence Reiki includes self directed treatments that use the energy that flows from your own hands 
and conscious awareness. 

Anyone can learn Reiki.  It is being used world wide by many individuals to facilitate their own happiness, stress management, 
self improvement and physical health.

Convergence Reiki Level I: The 
Empowerment of Self Love 

is offerred as a two part series. 
Part A and Part B!

Part A  
requires the commitment of 4 hours on Saturday 
and 4 hours on Sunday during the same weekend. 

Part B (similarly 4+4 hours) 
is taken either during the next weekend, 
or at a later date that works for you.

Class sizes are limited to 4 participants; Each part costs $150.

Reiki does not require a lot of time.  I teach my 
students how to connect to and direct healing 
energies as they go about the tasks of their daily 

Reiki feels good and you will want to do it; it 
won't become the burden of an additional routine!

The clarity and skills that you develop through your 
Reiki experiences will help improve your own well- being and maintain balance and reduced stressthroughout life's challenging circumstances.

Ongoing Reiki Support Groups, Free Workshops and Treatment Clinics are offerred to support your continued understanding and help you integrate your new growing awareness of compassion and healing into your everyday life.

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