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* Horse'n Around Workshops  Offered June-October
       * Private and semi-private Equine Facilitated Healing Sessions

Our Healing Partners:

                                      Spirit of the Wind                 Bugsy

My personal journey with horses and healing began on my 40th birthday when my husband gave me a horseback lesson at a therapeutic riding farm as a birthday gift. Previously, I had shared with him how every time I passed by horses grazing in nearby fields my heart would yearn and I would cry. A friend told me once that when the heart breaks it is only doing so to get into a bigger form! Looking back through my years with horses since then, my heart broke open every time I connected with horses.. opening my heart and soul to such incredible personal experiences of growth and lessons that helped me heal deep childhood traumas as well as develop equine facilitated healing programs to help other people.

My relationships with horses span a diverse range of experiences: From my own early horseback riding lessons where I learned to trust and connect to my own inner source of power, to my own formal education and becoming a horse trainer. I also learned to barefoot trim my guys, and spent hours interacting with horse herds. In 2003, I planned and oversaw the construction of Serenity Farm on my own property amongst the Upton State Forest. 

Being a "horse farmer" has submerged me into an interdependence and harmony with nature and my own earthiness as a human being. For at least a decade I have worked with horse'n rider-partnerships enabling horse and the "rider" to connect and take great steps in their own communication and abilities to advance their own riding skills. Many, many times I have been called by a horse's human partner to facilitate a healing for their horse companion. Each of these experiences have afforded me great learnings about a horse's mind, body and spirit, and meaningfulness of our interrelationship with them.

Please check out the links on this page and read my Equine Partnership Blogs where I share with you the inside scoop of horse partnership as an expression that can guide us in transformation and healing. They include my own stories of becoming and those of some of my beloved clients and students. Also, you will find stories of Bugsy and Spirit as well.

Sometimes my suggestion for clients is for them to adjunct their personal exploration and becoming with Equine Facilitated Healing Sessions. You may wish to consider these private, custom tailored, sessions to meet your own goals and needs. No prior experience with horses is necessary. And, I guarantee that every session will be inspirational and provide experiences that will enlighten your relationship with yourself, your work, your friends, family and greater community.

Also visit my list of Horse Partnership Resources that suggests wonderful books, sites and photos about equine facilitated healing that you may enjoy. 

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