Heart of Wisdom Center For Healing - Convergence Reiki Therapy and Self Healing Workshops

 you can be your own most wise friend ...

Accessing Your Own Inner 
Wisdom Workshop

Wouldn't  it be great to have a wonderful wise best friend 
whom you can always turn to when your are overwhelmed, feeling burdened  and in a whirl where you just can't seem to make 
rational decisions that give you long term peace and positive "results."

       During the Workshop you will be 
       progressively guided through 
       a series of five classes to develop 
       your body and mind to access 
       calm and wiser place within yourself                        where you can get wonderful insightful                    knowledge to help you ...

                   *   make important decisions

             *  optimize your body's natural      
                 healing processes

             *  stand on a foundation of clarity 
                 to make sense of your own unique    
                 truth, your feelings, and your life 

             *  feel safe and happy regardless of  
                 life circumstances

Private, semi-private or small group classes (3-6 people) 
offerred at Heart Of Wisdom Center for Healing, Upton MA; 
or we can arrange to offer a class at your location

You will be given an instructional workbook, 
including an invaluable glossary and illustrations that will 
support your journey throughout our class series and beyond.

*  *** ****** ***  *

Content of my classes are customized to meet the needs 
of each class's students. You will leave my classes feeling positive
and able to do things you never dreamed possible!

         Five, 2 -hour Classes and the Workbook 
           Sliding Scale Fee of $150 - $200


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