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Energetic Attunements for 
Environmental Health and Allergies

The energy of your physical body is continuous and interactive with the energy fields from your psyche and the energy fields of the environment surrounding you, like grass and weeds, dust and molds, the foods we eat 
and the animals we share our lives with.

Findings of very sound scientific research provides explanation for how the environmental attunements I  perform may actually orient your body's electromagnetic energy systems associated with your cellular processes, organ functioning, and immune system so that they function in a state of harmony with specific elements of your environment such as foods, weather, pollens, molds, dust, animal dander. 

However it is not viewed as mainstream. I recognize this. As a scientist who choses not to be biased by mainstream principles I have to be open to what actual evidence suggests. These environmental attunements for health have resolved my own environmental sensitivities and those of many of my clients. 

I invite you to explore this modality of healing for yourself. After all, the earth never was flat all the time european political systems were presenting it as such and proclaiming it heretical to know otherwise. The earth did not suddenly become round when it was finally proven to these people! The energetic attunement methods I use are based on scientific principles that just have not been accepted by mainstream systems. I hope to be part of the scientific and medical community that helps bring about this very empowering paradigm shift.

Typically a series of three attunement treatments are necessary for sensitivities to be resolved. Re-attunements during stressful periods and season changes may be necessary. 

You can also learn to do these energetic environmental 
attunements for yourself. Ask me how :)


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