Heart of Wisdom Center For Healing - Convergence Reiki Therapy and Self Healing Workshops

Convergence™  Reiki Therapy 

When you receive a treatment from an Adept Reiki Master 
Therapist your body and mind are attuned to healing frequencies 
of life energy promoting physical and psychological well being
that also translate into experiencing more comfort, 
harmony and love in your life.

My multidimensional treatments have improved people's lives in the 
areas of rejuvenation and stress reduction, trauma, anxiety and 
depression,  creativity and performance, focus and attention,
chronic illness, fibromyalgia, diabetes, injury repair.

"Rei" literally means Life or Universal Nature, and "Ki," means 
Energy. A Buddhist Japanese monk named Mikaomi Usui (1862) 
developed Reiki as a natural system of healing. Reiki is not associated 
with any religion, although it is associated with a state of 
Compassion and Grace. 

Reiki traditionally can be likened to a form of therapeutic touch, 
although direct physical contact is not absolutely necessary.

An "adept" Reiki Master Therapist is very skilled at entering a state of  
grace, compassion and heightened conscious awareness. When someone receives a treatment as such, their own physiological and psychological systems entrain (or come into resonance) with the healing frequencies 
that the Adept Reiki Master Therapist embodies and channels. The 
person receiving the treatment receives without any effort on their part 
the specific energies  needed to promote their own state of 
initiated healing and improved well-being. 

This natural system of healing has been demonstrated through sound 
research performed by many medical doctors and scientists through out 
the United States. In Massachusetts hospitals, fitness and medical health centers, including Harvard, Dana Farber and Massachusetts General 
offer Reiki Therapy Treatments.

Treatments are performed while you are fully clothed and comfortable 
laying on a massage table or sitting in a chair and lasts 45 mins. 

Sliding Scale for a 1 hour 
appointment $45-$65

You can also develop your own your own 
self healing abilities by taking:


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