Heart of Wisdom Center For Healing - Convergence Reiki Therapy and Self Healing Workshops

We can build our selves and our lives to match
 what truly makes our hearts and bodies sing


My name is Nancie JoyceI believe that the wellbeing of our 
psyche cannot be separated from the well being of our body 
 and our relationship to our environment and other people.

It is essential to nurture our body, our self love and our relationships. 

This can be accomplished by learning to become more self aware, 
                 non-judgmental and taking actions, such as learning skills and
               making choices, that transform physical and psychological ways of 
                         being that no longer serve our health and happiness.



About My Practice: 

My methods have been especially effective for improving focus and attention, creativity and performance  easing anxiety, depression, panic and effects of trauma • supporting addiction recovery • reducing pain and cycles of chronic illness • providing comfort and peace during births, illness recovery, 
rehabilitation and hospice care

Heart of Wisdom Center For Healing is Also a Community:

                               In a way, we are all spiritual beings 
having a shared Earthly experience 

                   Being part of a supportive community is
                   well worth the time and you will find 
                   yourself looking forward to attending 
                   every week

                  Often it is an essential part of our path of 
                                                       growth and happiness that we avoid due to                                                              past disappointment, judgments or fears

It is our intention to provide a safe, nurturing environment for all to grow in happiness... be healthfully playful, creative, grateful and self loving

                         ... all the good stuff that counteracts life's challenges
                             and has a healing effect on our heart's and lives

Please take advantage of all we have to offer!
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About Myself:

Presently, I do not offer my services as a substitute for medical or licensed mental health counseling. I work cooperatively with licensed mental health counselors, psychiatrists, social workers, school guidance counselors, physicians, nurses, massage therapists and other educators.  I am  pursuing my education in clinical mental health counseling and licensure, and further, a doctorate in clinical psychology to research and evidence base methods such as my ConvergenceEd™ programs and reparative education initiatives.  

I offer wholistic counseling, educational programs and skills development based on my certifications and licenses as a teacher, bio-energy therapist and ordained minister. I am a member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals, the American Polarity Therapists Association. I am licensed in Upton, MA to perform bio-energy therapy, I am also insured as a bodyworker and minister. You can view My licenses, certifications and insurance 

My methods complement traditional medical treatments and my clients have expressed that they improve upon the outcomes of those treatments. I embrace all spiritual perspectives, life choices and sexual orientations. I meet you where you are within your own journey of discovery and self creation. I have found that the challenges that we are faced with are amazing gifts. It is through our application of forgiveness, compassion and self love to these challenges that we discover our life's purpose, talents and greatest joy. 

I have overcome many of my own challenges to the result of greater happiness, physical well-being and creative performance. I have worn many hats over the course of my life: Genetic engineer, mother and wife/partner, community organizer, business entrepreneur, childbirth educator and birthing assistant, Dance Your Yoga instructor, Reiki, Polarity, Convergence Practitioner and instructor, ministerial counselor, licensed high school teacher and founder of Life Circle Childbirth™ education program and ConvergenceEd™ system for improving focus, attention and overcoming the challenges of anxiety and trauma. 

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